4 Reasons Why Companies Choose to Hire Executive Search Firms

4 Reasons Why Companies Choose to Hire Executive Search Firms

Between the 1980s and 90s big companies like IBM, Coca-Cola and Walt Disney applied to executive search companies to fill their highest management vacancies. After this breaking event, executive search firms have become globally acquainted as important and full of prestige. Of course, the reason such big companies hired executive search firms because they are very essential and beneficial.
What is an executive search and why does it need special recruitment attention? Executive search is the recruitment process of high demand management candidates who do not actively search for a new job. Since they are the best in their area they are most probably at such positions where they are perfectly satisfied. These job titles include CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, HRD, MCD and etc.
Why should you choose to search for your executive candidate via ESF firms?

1. Candidates are not actively looking for jobs
Great candidates with perfect qualities are already hired by a company where they are happy and satisfied to be. Firstly, to find those candidates requires vast networking skills and prestige. Executive search firms know high management candidates and all those candidates are well aware of the existence of the network of executive search firms.

2. Perfect fit
Edwin G. Booz said, “Often the best solution to a management problem is the right person.” Executive search consultants are not only consultants and also are responsible for the results of their consulting. All of these are the proofs that show every search is aimed for the perfect fit. Since executive search consultants have vast networks and have the skills to find executives with required skills, hiring one in case of an executive vacancy.

3. Confidentiality
As noted before, executives are not actively looking for jobs, and companies in need of high management executives do not want to alert competitive companies in case of contacting one of their executives. In this scenario, the best option is to turn the camera to executive search firms to provide confidentiality.

4. Impartial Screening
According to AESC “presenting a diverse slate of qualified candidates is the goal of every search.” Executive search firms have active and passive candidate pools from which they find out the perfect candidate by using their marketing and advanced technology resources. Filling a vacancy by promoting a candidate inside the company often includes biases. No company wants to hire someone because he/she has a reference it is a very rational choice to apply to an executive search firm for impartial screening. This will eliminate work gossips and gain you a perfect fit executive.
In conclusion, to find the right candidate who is not looking for a change without jeopardizing the searching company or the candidate, companies apply for executive search firms. This choice provides perfect candidates who are screened impartially with the help of modern marketing and technology resources.

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