GRC Leadership Consulting

GRC is a Leadership Consulting company serving private and non-commercial organizations in Azerbaijan as well as in regional countries.

About Us

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GRC is a Leadership Consulting company serving private and non-commercial organizations in Azerbaijan as well as in regional countries.We complete the “missing part of the puzzle” by finding the right people and by offering the right management advisory services. We develop and help to promote a relationship between companies and their stakeholders based on trust and professionalism. We do provide services to our clients with a global mindset as the ability to simultaneously follow both the “golden rule” (treat others as you would like to be treated) and the “global rule” (treat those from other cultures as they would like to be treated) by recognizing and respecting cultural differences. This is why we strictly choose our consultants among professionals with proven records of expertise and only those who have ethical standards while serving the clients. GRC is on the way to be the most competent company in executive search and management consulting in the region without compromising the trustworthiness.

Our values

We value what we believe contributes mostly to the trust and professionalism of relationships between all stakeholders and companies as entities. We see companies as a place where a group of specific talents comes together to reach a specific kind of goal where everybody feels happy most of the time. To attain complete achievement and protect the core of these values:

We hold privacy and trustworthiness along with competency, integrity and consistency greatly important because the combination of these values completes our whole value system which helps us to reach our vision and attain our mission. We choose our team friends who are competent morally and professionally, and we pay very clear attention to make our output of our services to be competent to what is asked. Internally and externally we promote relationships based on trust that is why the privacy of any data provided by our customers is in good hands. GRC is to be a company of integrity because to be trusted, one must sit on the couch of integrity to do the right thing no matter what the current circumstances are. Building integrity is very hard, but losing it could happen in minutes, we were aware of this fact when we embraced this value and we are still aware of that. Consistency makes leaders continue to be leaders, and as a company, we realize the fact that to be able to find true leaders or future leaders we have to be one. To be consistent makes us a credible and reliable company, which contributes to trustworthiness, which is our mission in the first place.

Our Services

GRC specializes in the following areas:

Executive search service

The executive management team is the core value for creating, transforming and developing corporate cultures in the organizations. Without the right executive team with the right competence, culture and values, all other processes and initiations will be non-sustainable or even non-successful. As a core competency of GRC, we provide up-to-date, innovative and sustainable executive search service to all kinds of businesses from FMCG to Finance, from IT to B2B firms. International recruitment: These days recruiting high-level executive candidates for top positions of companies has become tremendously essential for organizations, as technology, information technology and transfer of technology have evolved and become faster. Employee mobility trends also increased the importance of executive recruitment as well as international recruitment. GRC offers cross-border recruitment services to your organization by finding the right professional from all over the world by its membership to an international recruitment network and highly correlated business relationships.

Governance advisory

The corporate governance advisory services of our company propose an ideal relationship between stakeholders and corporate goals. Corporate governance is essential to all organizations but especially for family businesses, because family businesses declare bankruptcy in the third generation of their ruling, taking precautions against this failure, calls governance to the rescue. Trusted decisions that trigger sets of processes that affect the overall corporate mechanism, all stakeholders and the environmental industry stand the importance of governance out. GRC MC governance team will help your organization to assess your generational strengths and pitfalls that “standby on the door”, analyze corporate culture and develop unique “working” models for family-controlled companies.

Leadership and corporate culture advisory

Transformation, update and protection of organizational culture depend on the culture of leadership. Ignoring the importance of the culture of leadership and corporate culture, organizational character, behaviors, beliefs and values of your company is going to vanish slowly without showing itself and ends with the loss of overall profit. Our leadership and corporate culture advisory service examine and meet your company’s needs in the long run through a trusted relationship between GRC and your executive team. We do understand the cultural challenges and modern leadership problems that face executives in their work environment. As Drucker said 'Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast', we know that even if you have a good strategy in a good place, the culture will defeat the strategy without sustainable corporate culture. Taking into consideration that creating a sustainable corporate culture is highly correlated especially with the mindset of shareholders and executive team, GRC focuses on the development and coaching of the executive team by its local and international team.

Executive coaching & leadership development: Challenge of modern business is not finding the best talent but retain and engage them in the organization. One of the critical success factors of the organizations is executive team culture and their performance. To maximize the performance of the executive team and transform the culture from top to the bottom, GRC offers executive coaching and leadership development services by its local and international team.

Executive rewards: Executive rewards are on the focus of shareholders because the executive team is their “team “in the organizations and other stakeholders as well nowadays because of transparency, equity, democracy and other issues. From an organizational perspective, it is also a factor of acquisition, retention, engagement, motivation, development etc. This paradox enforces to involve the third parties to analyze the executive pay and find the “golden ratio”. GRC with its highly qualified consultants will scrutinize all the procedures and practices, will develop besides an attractive pay system for executives and consent options for all stakeholders that will enable a sustainable organization in the modern economy.

®Harrison assessments

Harrison Assessments was founded in 1990 with a single vision and purpose - to help companies optimize their human capital by leveraging their deep understanding of human resources and psychology.

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GRC is the Solution Partner of Harrison assessments in Azerbaijan, which gives assessment tools and talent management services worldwide. ®Harrison assessments focus on providing the most trusted and accurate employee assessment tools in the industry. The tools help managers throughout the entire HR process, helping companies become more productive and efficient, leading to increased profitability.

Our talent management solutions align people's qualifications, wants, needs, passions and goals to the requirements of the organization and specific jobs. This innovative approach exceeds general personality testing and other methods because it measures 175 factors, resulting in reports that target job-specific employee engagement, success, and retention.

  • Automate internal and external talent pools with advanced technology.

  • Empower managers with easy-to-understand reports.

  • Easily customize for your jobs with our library of 6500+ Job Success Formulas.

  • Develop leadership and teamwork.

  • Customize to match your behavioral competencies.

  • Strong validity and legal compliance without adverse impact.

Employer Branding answered the question of how companies solve the war of talent in the early 2000s. To be the loser of this talent war, one of the important ways is to ignore the employer brand of the company because it is a fact that every company regardless of being intended or not, has unique but somehow similar brands peculiar to employing staff. Employer Brand is the perception of how a company has a reputation as an employer. It is unique because every brand regarding employers emerges because of unique company culture and its surrounding industry. It is similar because according to employees, talents a workplace is a good place to be if they are happy when they perform there and bad if they are unhappy. Every company has an employer brand, some companies take the control of their brand and transform it to their advantage by making their brand honest, relevant and differentiated as much as possible. However some companies have failed to realize their bad reputation as an employer, and this consumes every credit of that company have so far. EmBrand is such a service in Azerbaijan that will start the realization process of your brand and create or help to create your employer brand in hand with your company's mission and vision. We guarantee to synchronize your employer brand to your organizational culture, mission and vision to make it original, relevant, sustainable, innovative and most importantly truly honest and accurate. After applying your employer brand internally, and externally we communicate your brand through the best suitable channels to your potential candidates and current employees, talents. In the last but ongoing step, we follow your brand to keep it sustainable, innovative and honest.